live Oil Sommelier

When Marci first walked into the Venice Olive Oil Company it was supposed to be for a part-time “fun” job at a cute little store on the island…a charming place where customers in sunhats and sandals wander around aimlessly and shop until it’s time for lunch, cocktails or more beach combing.  The scent was enveloping and a bit dizzying…like burying your nose deep in a bouquet of orange blossoms…only this time the bouquet was a heady mix of herbs, pepper, garlic and the fragrant, green, fruity overtones of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Somewhere in those first few moments a life-changing puzzle piece clicked into place.

So began a journey into the complex and fascinating world of olive oil...a world powerful enough to drive national economies, cure disease, have battles waged over and be a cornerstone of centuries old mystic and religious rituals. Ancient history, mythical lore, chemistry, modern medicine and deliciousness… the hook was set deep. 

In September 2019, Marci successfully completed an Olive Oil Sommelier Course offered as an intensive joint venture of the International Culinary Center and the Olive Oil Times Education Lab. She is currently channeling this abundance of information into a new book titled "Sacred Fruit: From Branch to Table-an Olive Oil Devotional." The anticipated release date is October 2020.

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