Marci is a Certified Olive Oil Sommelier and has published eight cookbooks under the pseudonym of her whimsical quirky alto-ego "Mango Dragonfly." The charming, recipe-packed books emphasize the delicious flavors and versatility of olive oils and balsamic vinegar and are peppered with inspirational quotes, personal musings, lore, trivia and an abundant dose of heart and soul.

In 2014, Marci published her first novel, "Time of Light," a gathering of archangels, demons and gods lifted from the pages of familiar religious story books and plopped irreverently in the streets of the city of angels...modern day Los Angeles. This thought-provoking, modern-day fairy tale is the by-product of a lifetime curiosity of religious dichotomies, sacred mysteries and the eternal pursuit of spiritual growth.

Marci is currently working on filling her life with gratitude and soul-inspiring moments. In between there is another cookbook brewing that will celebrate the Pacific Northwest...working title "Chanterelles and Blackberries." She is also slowly working on a second novel about an extended family of retired circus performers living on a private island off the coast of New York.

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About the author.......

​A few years back, Marci Weidemiller switched her blue pills for red and jumped off the merry-go-round, leaving behind a vanilla life complete with house in the suburbs, successful career, life insurance and premium cable to pursue her favorite daydream of being a writer.

Since then her path has taken her from the dramatic vistas of the Arizona desert to the misty, evergreen cliffs of the Oregon coast to the white sands of the Florida gulf. She has been joined on this nomadic journey by her devoted four-legged muse, Cozmo.